Semantrix presenting at HISA BigData 2013 Conference

Semantrix CTO Mike McGrath will be speaking at the HISA BigData Conference 2013 in Melbourne on April 19th on how Real-Time Big Data can drive Process improvement across an organisation.

BigData2013 HISAC7TO9-7659 See : Big Data Approaches to Real-Time Sensor Information Overload

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Semantrix Track&Tell location-based situational awareness

Building upon our Situational Awareness capability, the Track&Tell platform provides next-generation capabilities to enable smart and responsive real-time monitoring solutions.

Going beyond other location solutions, Track&Tell can integrate and fuse information from multiple sensor types, feeds and data-stores. Conditions-of-Interest rules can be defined to automatically detect and respond to a wide range of scenarios.

See : Track&Tell Real-Time Location platform

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Semantrix presenting at AUVS Australia

Semantrix will be presenting our view of the integration of Situational Awareness into autonomous vehicles mission and mission management at the AUVS Australia meeting on December 6

See : SemanticFusion approach Overview Demonstrations and presentation video at SemanticFusion Platform


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Enhancing RFID tracking at the “Optimising Flow in Hospitals” Conference

Semantrix will be demonstrating our support for adding enhanced value and responsiveness to real-time location systems (RTLS) by tracking, displaying and responding to movements of RFID wristbands given to attendees at the “Optimising Flow in Hospitals” Conference being run by Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) on November 18/19.



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Semantrix at VEHN Showcase

Semantrix will be presenting our HSR – Health Sense and Respond platform at the VEHN Industry showcase on November 2nd, which brings together organisations providing solutions in the e-health area.


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Semantrix presenting on Situational Awareness at Land Warfare Conference 2012

Semantrix will be presenting on the topic of “Dismounted Situational Awareness” at the Diggerworks Forum of the Land Warfare Conference 2012 in Melbourne on 29th October.

Our SemanticFusion platform provides a scalable Situational Awareness capability that can integrate a wide range of entities and information feeds providing relevant information to a soldier in the field.

See : Situational Awareness in future


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Semantrix presenting HSR at Nursing Informatics Conference 2012

Semantrix will be presenting on our HSR “Health Sense and Respond” platform at the upcoming Nursing Informatics Conference 2012 in Sydney on July 30.

The HSR platform is what Semantrix believes medical decision support systems will look like in the next decade and addresses key issues in the effective management of patients and resources, providing staff with real-time information they need at the point where they need it.

more at Health Sense and Respond – An Action Support System for Nurses


edit –  CTO Mike McGrath at the lectern.  Unfortunately we didn’t bring back any photos of our audience volunteer running across the theatre to save our simulated patients in response to the real-time alerts on her phone!


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Semantrix Ontotext partnership

Semantrix is proud to announce a partnership with Ontotext.


Ontotext  is a leading developer of core semantic technologies that save time and money when text and data from multiple sources pdf16 have to be accessed and managed, with with a broad portfolio of solutions deployed in Publishing, Web-mining, Life Sciences, Business-Intelligence and other areas.

Ontotext powers the semantic architecture behind the successful high-volume BBC World Cup Website which has been adopted for the BBC Sport Website and the BBC’s World Cup  online coverage.

Through our partnership with Ontotext Semantrix has access to world-leaders in Enterprise-scale Semantics for Dynamic Publishing, Business Integration and Data Management, Natural-Language Processing, Text Analysis and Smart Document Retrieval, Health and Life-Sciences Information Management.

Our partnerships with Ontotext and TopQuadrant cover the full lifecycle of analysis, design, deployment and operations of semantic technologies for data storage and management, vocabulary management and text analysis from small to enterprise-scale implementations.

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Semantrix presenting SemanticFusion and SM3 at SemTech 2011

Semantrix will be presenting on our Situational-Awareness and Semantic Media Management platforms at Semtech 2011 in San Francisco in June.

Our SemanticFusion platform can consistently monitor and respond appropriately to events arriving from a wide range of information feeds, providing high-level data fusion and situational awareness to support monitoring requirements.

See : SemanticFusion Situational Awareness Platform

We will also be presenting SM3 Social Multimedia Metadata Manager platform.  SM3 provides a multimedia metadata annotation and cross-reference capability designed to front a DAMS system.  The system provides content enhancement through metadata extraction, enhancement, and cross-referencing using NLP, Search, and Ontology and concept extraction approaches.

See : SM3 – Social Semantic Multimedia Manager



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Semantrix TopQuadrant partnership

Semantrix is pleased to announce a partnership with TopQuadrant.


TopQuadrant is a world leader in the application of Semantic Web technologies and techniques to real-world problems and produces TopBraid Suite – the leading tools for Analysis, Development and Deployment of Semantic Applications.

Through our partnership with TopQuadrant Semantrix have access to world-leading Ontologists and Semantic-Web Architects & Developers and are able to organise in-house, offsite or public training courses using the world regarded TopQuadrant training systems and methodologies.

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