TopQuadrant’s TopBraid Live is an enterprise SOA-capable Semantic Web application platform. It enables dynamic, on-demand integration of data from diverse sources. The SPARQL query language is leveraged throughout TopBraid Live to support rapid application development and to provide flexible inferencing and constraint checking.

TopBraid Live allows you to quickly implement and deploy solutions that integrate data, content, services and user interaction.




  • A unified, standards-based data integration process – combine data and schemas from internal, external, structured and unstructured sources using W3C standards for expressing and merging data and metadata (RDF/RDFS, OWL, SPARQL) without boundaries.
  • An orchestration engine for coordinating and mediating access to multiple sources including relational databases, XML, spreadsheets and web services. A comprehensive library of ready-to-use modules enables rapid creation of composite web services from existing data and systems.
  • Built-in provenance and change management -– complete audit trail of all changes.
  • Flexible and powerful reasoning – smooth integration of RDFS and OWL inferencing with custom, domain-specific business rules. Support for user defined value constraints, incremental and server-side inferencing without performance bottlenecks.
  • Rapid application development – using pre-built application templates and modules.
  • Support for the entire application development lifecycle – seamless migration from development in TopBraid Composer to deployment in TopBraid Live.

TopBraid Live Enterprise Server

TopBraid Live Enterprise Edition is a web application that provides full Internet or intranet access to the applications that you develop with the TopBraid Suite. Enterprise Server is deployed on a web container, such as Tomcat, and supports multi-user access from distributed clients. Users and services can access Enterprise Server installations through web services, TopBraid Ensemble applications and Flex, HTML and JavaScript applications built using TopBraid toolkits.

TopBraid Live Personal Server

The Personal Server edition of TopBraid Live is included with TopBraid Composer-Maestro Edition (TBC-ME) to replicate Enterprise Server features on a local machine. It executes in a single-user environment, providing a powerful tool for designing, developing, and testing Semantic Web applications before deploying them to a TopBraid Live Enterprise Server. You can access the TopBraid Live Personal Server console from any browser running on the same machine as TBC-ME. SPARQL endpoints and other web services running on the Personal Server can also be accessed from browsers and other applications running on the same machine.

Once applications are designed with TBC-ME and the Personal Server, you can deploy them to the Enterprise Server for full Internet and intranet access.