Leveraging Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence technologies and approaches,           Semantrix can federate and make siloed application data accessible, provide tailored interfaces adapted to your business requirements, and with the intrinsic flexibility to add new data sources and extend the business access flexibly and at low cost compared to the typical Enterprise Business Intelligence approaches.

To ensure success Semantrix have partnered with the most advanced product and services companies in the field including the leading Semantic Web companies TopQuadrant and Ontotext to sell and support their products & services in Australia, giving us access to world leaders in the application of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Natural-Language processing.

Strategic Information Planning; Enterprise, Domain, & Solution Architecture consulting

Semantrix’ principals have extensive experience in commercial, government, research and defence environments and are available for Strategic Information Planning and Solution Architecture Consulting

Business and Use-Case consulting

Semantrix are available to discuss Business and Use Cases for Semantic, Knowledge-based and Natural-Language processing technologies.

Semantrix can be engaged to provide Project Analysis and Outlines, Indicative Solution Architectures and Pricings, and Detailed Architecture Design and Implementation Services.

Semantrix is happy to discuss the potential applications and benefits of Semantic, KBS, AI and traditional business technologies and their co-existence with Corporate customers on request.

Semantic Technologies, Linked-Data, Text-Mining & Web 3.0 Architecture Consulting & Development

Semantic technologies and techniques excel at managing, linking and federating data, messages and information.

Your existing systems can be enhanced with new capabilities building on your existing data.  Dynamic Semantic Publishing can create websites and dashboards from the latest available content and data.

Semantrix has significant experience utilising Semantic Web technologies and Natural Language Processing, as well as access to the expertise of world-leading companies – TopQuadrant and Ontotext – and can help you take advantage of Semantic technologies and approaches that are appropriate for your needs.

High Performance, High Volume Web Site Architectural consulting and development

Semantrix has extensive experience in Enterprise-scale, High-volume & High-performance Website and Application development.

Talk to us about how we can help you with your Large-scale system project.

Knowledge-Based Systems consulting including Rules based systems, Expert Systems, and AI technology application development

Semantrix has significant research and commercial application development experience utilising Agent-based systems, Rules engines, Neural Networks, 3-D and Virtual Reality applications, and practical experience in Artificial Intelligence technology application areas.

We can help you with Knowledge-based technologies and approaches.

Enterprise Multi-media asset management and distribution systems

The market is demanding more & more from Multi-media management systems and legacy systems built around a broadcast model can’t keep up.

Semantrix has extensive experience with Enterprise-class Multi-media assert management systems and the challenges in adapting to the new online world. We can advise on the possibilities of Multi-media asset management and how to realise them.

Social network driven personalisation, recommendation, EPG systems

The old “take what you’re given” models are breaking down in favour of “give me what I want” and the ability to make recommendations that the user likes is a crucial feature.

Semantrix is experienced in User Personalisation and Recommendation systems.

Enhanced User Search using metadata and Faceted Semantic and Commercial Search – Architecture and development approaches

Traditional search is based on guessing the keywords that might find what you want and manually inspecting the results.  This approach fails when the data doesn’t match your keyword guesses, or when you don’t already know what you’re looking for (but you will when you see it).

Concept-based search approaches allow the user to explore unknown data and to retrieve results which match concepts rather than exact keywords (so a query for ‘Car’ can return a document that only contains the word ‘Automobile’).

With a background in Online directories and Enterprise-scale search systems and Semantic technologies we can advise on improving your search system.

Semantic and Wireless sensor technologies to support Health Informatics

Expanding health costs and a steadily ageing population are changing the models of health care delivery and mangement.  Ageing-in-Place, Remote medicine and Telecare approaches are creating a need for smart sensors.

To get best value from this sensor information they need to be monitored and acted upon.  Semantrix is addressing this with our Health Sense & Respond Platform for integrating and monitoring health-related information.

Talk to Semantrix about Sensors to support Health Informatics.

Autonomous systems software design and development

Taking Autonomous vehicles beyond rigid pre-programmed waypoint missions requires more advanced software that understands the context in which it is operating. Talk to Semantrix about how Knowledge-based and Semantic technologies can enhance the capbilities of Autonomous systems.

Automation approaches to apply Semantic and AI. technologies to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search-engines try to find results that answer the user’s query – the more information a search-engine can understands on your webpage the better.

Search-engines now support Semantic information models (Ontologies) to describe products and services on a page, providing an opportunity to tell the Search-engines about your product.

TopQuadrant Products and Services

More information on TopQuadrant’s Products and Services here

Ontotext Products and Services

More information on Ontotext’s products and Services here