Intelligence for Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles which are constrained to predetermined waypoints, or that require a human operator (however remote), have limited application.

Semantrix can apply experience with knowledge-based systems to enhance the capabilities of Austonomous systems.

Intelligent onboard planner for Adaptive, Autonomous mission execution

Autonomous behaviour for UAVs, UGVs and AUVs requires more than travelling to preprogrammed waypoints.  Carrying out more flexible and sophisticated missions require the ability to understand the context of the situation and determine an appropriate action to achieve the overall mission.

For example:

  • UAVs that can adapt to weather events during long duration missions
  • Reconnaissance vehicles that can detect and proceed to investigate interesting targets
  • Reflexive safe behaviour, for instance:
    do not descend lower than Xm above ground, regardless of the programmed mission plan
  • Vehicles that can determine when the mission goal cannot be achieved and so execute actions to abort the mission
  • UAVs that can locate a safe landing area when a return-to-base is not possible

Pre-Mission Simulation Environment

An autonomous mission will come to nothing if the actions required exceed the performance of the vehicle or the sensors it carries.