SemanticFusion: Situational Awareness using Semantic and Agent Technologies for defence and security applications.

The SemanticFusion Situational Awareness platform provides high-level data fusion and situational awareness.  SemanticFusion approaches data fusion from a high-level ontology and concept modeling perspective, rather than a traditional low-level data analysis approach, supporting high-level fusion and analysis.

Data Fusion, Analysis and Planning using Semantic Technologies and Agent Approaches pdf16
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  • Capable of higher level representations and analysis than traditional Data Fusion approaches. Working with concepts not data supports higher order information fusion and achieves data reduction by sharing concepts rather than raw  data.
  • Utilises Inferencing, Reasoning and Planning capabilities to exploit the inherently structured ontology approach for representing, and manipulating information, including certainty and time, supporting for both autonomous and man-in-the-loop analysis and decision-making.
  • Natural Language Processing supports input from structured and unstructured text.
  • Semantic technologies inherently associate the incoming data, the data context and relationships using metadata.
  • Semantic web approaches allow additional information to be associated as metadata and automatically propagated through systems.
  • Leveraging contextual information also supports simulation, enhanced analysis and planning support.
  • Compatible with semantic approaches identified by DSTO staff, and with DOD Global Info Grid, FCS Future Combat Systems models, US Navy FORCENet model, etc.
  • SemanticFusion is an extensible Software & infrastructure platform to support data ingest, representation, processing, and user interaction and analytics



Semantrix SemanticFusion Overview
SemanticFusion UAV UGV Planner Demo
SemanticFusion Multiple UAV task coordination
SemanticFusion Sensor Observation demo
SemanticFusion UGV Squad Mule demo
SemanticFusion SquadCohesion COI demo