OWLIM High-Performance Semantic Database

Ontotext’s OWLIM pdf16 family of Semantic Databases are the fastest, most scalable and available Enterprise-class RDF Databases (Triple-stores) provide the Semantic data support behind mission-critical sites such as the showcase BBC World-Cup, Sports and Olympic sites.

OWLIM features:

  • Native RDF engines, implemented in Java and compliant with Sesame
  • Robust support for the semantics of RDFS, OWL Horst and OWL 2 RL
  • The best scalability, loading and query evaluation performance

(see OWLIM’s Benchmarks and References)

The presentation Lowering the Cost of Data and Content Integration and Enabling Search and Querying of Billions of Facts on the Web pdf16 presents the key features of OWLIM alongside an introduction to the benefits of using RDF databases for data integration and a discussion on linked data management.


OWLIM-Lite is the fastest semantic repository in the World: it supports non-trivial inference with tens of millions of statements on contemporary desktop hardware.


OWLIM-SE is the most scalable semantic repository in the World: it can load tens of billions of RDF statements, using non-trivial inference and delivers outstanding multi-user query performance. OWLIM-SE is a robust engine packed with advanced features that bring unmatched efficiency to a huge variety of application scenarios:

  • optimised owl:sameAs handling that delivers dramatic improvements in performance and usability when huge volumes of data from multiple sources are integrated
  • hybrid querying capabilities that combine SPARQL with efficient full-text search, geo-spatial constraints and ranking of query results

OWLIM Enterprise

OWLIM-Enterprise is a replication cluster infrastructure based on OWLIM-SE. It offers industrial strength resilience and linearly scalable parallel query performance, with support for load-balancing and automatic fail-over.

The combination of performance, scalability and robustness makes OWLIM a perfect match for large, mission-critical applications.

OWLIM is the semantic database used in the semantic publishing architecture behind the successful high-volume BBC World-Cup Website, BBC Sport Website and the BBC’s 2012 Olympics online coverage.