Intelligent Information Access

The core philosophy behind Semantrix is the delivery of “Intelligent Information Access”:

  • Intelligent

    we leverage new approaches to hide technologies and legacy systems, and to provide the Information the business requires, not just the data the IT department makes available.

  • Intelligent Information

    not just data, as we provide data context as well so the business is accessing knowledge not just data.

  • Intelligent Information Access

    To support business-user extraction of meaningful information, and opportunities to explore correlated information that suits different users, across multiple systems in ways not previously possible.

Leveraging Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence technologies and approaches,           Semantrix can federate and make siloed application data accessible, provide tailored interfaces adapted to your business requirements, and with the intrinsic flexibility to add new data sources and extend the business access flexibly and at low cost compared to the typical Enterprise Business Intelligence approaches.