Enterprise multi-media asset management and distribution systems

The market is demanding ever more & more from Multi-media management systems and legacy systems built around a broadcast model   can’t keep up.

Social Networks and User-Generated Content (UGC) are relentlessly transforming the Internet and the ways users interact with both traditional and online media.   Unfortunately traditional DAMS/VMS systems do not support UGC access over multiple media types.

Users expect relevant links and recommendations that contain the specified concept of interest, but providing these links often requires new metadata   that isn’t available in a typical DAMS/VMS system (usually focused on Broadcast metadata).  It’s difficult to find a specified concept rather than just a keyword   in a traditional large DAMS/VMS, and more difficult again when the system in composed of multiple propretary, inflexible silos.

Semantrix has extensive experience with Enterprise-class Multi-media assert management systems and the challenges in adapting   to the new online world.

We can advise on the possibilities of Multi-media asset management and how to realise those possibilities.