Ontotext Products and Services


Ontotext pdf16 is a leading developer of core semantic technologies that save time and money when text and data from multiple sources pdf16 have to be accessed and managed, with solutions deployed in Publishing, Web-mining, Life Sciences, Business-Intelligence and other areas.

Ontotext powers the semantic architecture behind the successful high-volume BBC World Cup Website which has been adopted for the BBC Sport Website and the BBC’s 2012 Olympics online coverage.

Through our partnership with Ontotext Semantrix have access to world-leaders in Enterprise-scale Semantics for Dynamic Publishing, Business Integration and Data Management, Natural-Language Processing, Text Analysis and Smart Document Retrieval, Health and Life-Sciences Information Management.

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OWLIM Semantic Database

The Ontotext OWLIM family of Semantic Databases are the fastest, most scalable and available Enterprise-class RDF Databases (Triple-stores) provide the Semantic data support behind mission-critical sites such as the showcase BBC World-Cup, Sports and Olympic sites.

KIM Semantic Text Analysis Platform

The Ontotext KIM Platform is a text-processing platform for semantic annotation and multi-paradigm search over documents, data, and knowledge.KIM powers solutions for extracting information from text sources, for example: Financial-Crime detectionAnalysis of Anonymised Patient-RecordsPharmaceutical Data AnalysisIndexing and Searching the UK National Archives and more.

Web Mining Framework

The Ontotext Web Mining Framework (WMF) is a comprehensive, efficient web intelligence and web search platform.WMF integrates crawling, scraping, Text-mining, storage & workflow and powers solutions for gathering and aggregating information from the internet.

Semantic BioMedical Tagger

The Ontotext Semantic Biomedical Tagger is an information extraction system designed to process biomedical texts using more than 100 different biomedical types linked to a biomedical database, such as Linked Life Data.

Linked Life Data Platform

The Ontotext Linked Life Data platform is a semantic data integration platform for the biomedical domain, including data from 23 of the most important publicly available data sources covering biology, anatomy, genes, illnesses, path interactions, etc.  It includes standard components for ETL automation based on start-of-the-art practices and frameworks.The Linked Life Data platform is a key component in analysis of Life-Sciences information, for example: Patient Records and Pharmaceutical Data