Semantrix Overview

Semantrix is a new Australian  company with new ideas on old problems.

The company was established by experienced IT practitioners with a vision of where the latest technology can  be used to solve real world problems, simplify architectures, and maximise RoI.

Semantrix specializes in development, product sales and support of Semantic Web and Knowledge based systems.  Semantrix has significant research and commercial application development experience utilising Semantic Web technologies and approaches, Agent-based systems, Natural Language Processing, Rules engines, Neural Networks, 3-D and Virtual Reality applications, and practical experience in Artificial Intelligence technology application areas.

The founders of the company have worked across a wide range of industries and companies in Defence, Commercial and Government environments – consistently using cutting-edge technologies and developing new approaches to field the next generation of solutions for  business.

Semantrix has extensive experience on large-scale, high-performance Web site and application development, on-line directories and search systems, multimedia content management and publishing systems, user personalization and recommendations  systems.

How you build systems is just as important as the technologies employed and Semantrix has extensive knowledge of Agile and traditional systems, software and development approaches.

To ensure success Semantrix have partnered with the most advanced product and services companies in the field including the leading Semantic Web companies TopQuadrant and Ontotext to sell and support their products & services in Australia, giving us access to world leaders in the application of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Natural-Language processing and Text-Mining.