HSR: “Health Sense & Respond”

The HSR platform is what Semantrix believes medical decision support systems will look like in the next decade.

Track&Tell: “Real-Time Location Monitoring, Awareness and Responses”

The Track&Tell Location Platform provides real-time awareness of persons and assets with awareness.

SemanticFusion: “Situational Awareness using Semantic and Agent Technologies for defence and security applications”

The SemanticFusion Situational Awareness platform provides high-level data fusion and situational awareness.

SM3: “Social and Multimedia Metadata Manager”

The SM3 platform provides a multimedia metadata annotation and cross-reference capability designed to front a DAMS/VMS system.

To ensure project success Semantrix have partnered with the most advanced product and services companies in the field including the leading Semantic Web product suppliers TopQuadrant and Ontotext to sell and support their products & services in Australia, giving us access to world leaders in the application of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Natural-Language processing.

  • TopQuadrant

    More information on TopQuadrant’s Products and Services here

  • Ontotext

    More information on Ontotext’s products and Services here